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Welcome to the Dr. Roberts Fund

Picking the name for the Dr. Roberts' Fund was not a difficult task as she was the source of emergency funds many times in the past. The smallest rural hospital in California was often caught up in the giant, slow-moving bureaucracy, and the only source of a quick infusion of cash was our own Doctor. She was paid back with interest but not always exactly on time. She saved us then, and we hope this fund named for her will continue to do the same on into the future.

Dr. Roberts' devotion to her profession, the Hospital and the Surprise Valley Community sustained us for many years. It is now up to the Dr. Roberts' Fund to continue that legacy.

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Non-Profit Organization

The Board of Directors of the Dr. Roberts' Surprise Valley Hospital Emergency Fund are happy to announce our official designation as a Tax Exempt Corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This means that contributions to the Fund can be deducted as charitable contributions.

We are hoping to support our hospital during times of need as our beloved doctor did. Although replacing her is not possible in any real sense, we hope to at least provide funds at critical times so that we will never lose our hospital.

Thank you to our contributors.




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